Meet Anggie, our beautiful #Z&LWomanofthemonth

Anggie Bryan, Colombian #AfroLatina

She was discovered by a scout from Wilhelmina Models 7 years ago in Colombia at “Colombia Moda Fashion Week”.

She decided to come to the US represented by Wilhelmina Agency, so she moved to Miami where she began working as a model, studying acting and having a great Afro-Latin influence of which she is so proud.

In this movement of energies, she began to travel the world as a free nomad soul.

“Z&L Europe is a brand that I really love because it represents me and my style. They have been with me since my trips to Africa and Coachella. I love the way Z&L tell stories through each clothing. I discover new possibilities in each fabric, with each color…”




"Through my afro and style I represent all AfroLatina women. My passion comes from my culture and from honoring my roots. This translates into every project I work on and every experience I share to empower women."

1. I have a snake phobia :o

2. I get scared easily, everything makes me nervous :s

3. I was overweight until I was 20 years old, when I decided to change my habits and change my life :)

4. My hair used to be straight. I was bullied for my hair when I was a child so my family used to straighten it. That is where my passion for sharing tips for beauty and curly hair comes from: honoring these things of our culture that make us unique, beautiful and powerful :)

Lots of hydration.

Just wash it literally 2 times a week and use organic and chemical-free products


Anggie works hand in hand with Z&L Europe and we are pleased to have her almost daily in the store.

If you come to visit, you will surely find her and she will attend you with her characteristic smile to suggest the best outfits of the season





October 09, 2021 — Z&L Europe